Solutions for notarizations and certifications

There are some situations in which the law requires the use of a notary: For example in certain declarations of intent, some contracts and any settlements, the legal transaction must be drawn up in a public document in order to be legally valid under Swiss law. Nevertheless, the parties have a great deal of flexibility and would do well to first seek legal advice. Therefore, we also advise and assist our clients in the planning, preparation and implementation of notarized transactions. In conjunction with a notary's office we offer the following services:


Practical examples:

  •  Public notarization for real estate contracts/ preliminary contracts
  • Marriage contracts
  • Inheritance contracts and advice on the drawing up of wills
  • Easements (e.g. right of residence, right of way.)
  • Drawing up deeds concerning the formation of companies and transactions under company law
  • Certification of copies and signatures, copies of documents, transcripts, extracts, and so on.
  • Establishment of sureties
  • Advice on and preparation of precautionary mandates


Our expertise: Legal Representation, Negotiation, Advice

  • We can advise and accompany you in the preparation of all notarial certifications and in the preparation of the legal documents up to the public certification.
  • Where a visit to the notary's office does not have to be made in person, we can do this for you. Otherwise we could accompany you if so desired.