Solutions for parties involved in criminal proceedings

Making mistakes is human, life does not come with instructions. If this raises the question of criminal misconduct and the police or public prosecutor's office investigates, it can be very stressful. We clarify, support and accompany our clients regardless of their role in the criminal proceedings and provide advice. We help you to be heard and to defend yourself.

Practical examples for parties involved in criminal proceedings:

  • Administrative fines imposed and administrative measures (in particular driver's license revocation or driving ban and clarification of fitness to drive)

  • Proceedings before the criminal prosecution authorities (in particular the police and the public prosecutor's office) 

  • Assessment of penalty orders 

  • Accompaniment during interrogations and in appeal proceedings

  • Accompaniment during settlement negotiations

  • Advising and accompanying injured parties and their relatives from the filing of a criminal complaint to the conclusion of the proceedings

  • Answering questions regarding entries in criminal records


Our expertise: Legal Representation, Negotiation, Advice

  • We inform you about your rights and advise you in all areas of criminal law.
  • We help you to protect your rights in the best possible way vis-à-vis the police, the public prosecutor's office, the road traffic authorities as well as the media, be it as an accused person, as an injured person or as a family member.